My name is Brecht Sanders. Welcome to my website.
The official address is: http://brecht.sanders.org/.
I hope you will enjoy this site, and if you do, don't forget to come back.
Most people come here to visit the joke database. It currently contains 13406 jokes.

What's up?


I have been rather busy lately which severly slowed down the amount of time I spend putting new material on this site. Nevertheless in August 2006 the joke counter finally hit 13000.

New server

During the Summer of 2006 the webserver hardware was replaced with a more up to date system. The new system is running Debian Linux 3.1 (Sarge).

High speed

End of November 2002 the webserver moved to a new location with a very fast connection.


In Februari 2002 the magical number of 10000 jokes has been reached, making this site one of the biggest humor archives on the Internet.

Sponsors wanted

This site has always been free for its visitors and I am planning to keep it that way. But a I have put a lot of time and money in it, and it would be nice to get some sponsoring in to cover some of the expenses.
I believe it is a good site to sponsor, especially since it attracts such a wide audience.


Since December 2000 this site is also available for mobile users using WAP.
Since WAP is primarily suitable for text information only the text jokes are accessible through the WAP-site. There are currently 1881 text jokes on this site.
You can reach the WAP-site at: http://brecht.edustria.com/.
Just perfect for when you're going out, but running out of jokes to tell you friends...

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